Calverton Enterprise Park
Back in September 1998, the Town of Riverhead took ownership of the former Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (Calverton, NY). The 2,900-acre site had been leased by the Grumman Corporation from the US Navy for more than 40 years for the testing of military aircraft. The redevelopment of this unique land constitutes one of the largest real estate projects in the Northeast. The facility is approximately 1.5 miles by 3.5 miles in size and is located entirely within the Town of Riverhead. The property is surrounded by a 3,000-acre buffer zone that must remain in its natural state under federal and state laws. Goals of paramount importance for the redevelopment include job creation, generation of tax revenues, and productive, balanced utilization of an exceptional location in New York State for economic development. The location's designation as an Empire Zone provides extensive New York State incentives for locating businesses at this prime location.

Quality of Life
Riverhead's recreational amenities are an important ingredient in the region's quality of life. The abundance of special attractions, miles of shoreline, and open recreational spaces lure more than 25-million visitors to the Riverhead area each year. Popular destinations include our numerous beaches and parks, golfing, canoeing, wineries, factory-outlet shopping, water park facilities, paddleboat river cruises, and Atlantis Aquarium. Located in New York State's leading agricultural county, Riverhead currently has over 20,000 acres devoted to agriculture. The Town's agricultural acreage includes potatoes, vegetables, grapes, and sod, as well as stables and nurseries. Riverhead is also famous for its duckling, fresh fish, and shellfish. Farmstands and orchards are popular stops for visitors as well. The downtown business district features two historic theatres, the 1933 art deco Suffolk Theatre, and the 1881 Vail Leavcit Music Hall. Both facilities are currently being restored.

Overview of the Comprehensive Reuse Plan
The Comprehensive Reuse Plan (HR&A, 1996) is a blueprint for future development of the Calverton site, including consideration of future land uses, the economics of development by the Town of Riverhead, and the fiscal impact on the region. In addition, the Reuse Plan is designed with the flexibility to accommodate changes in the marketplace over time. The Reuse Plan contains the determination of goals and objectives, marketing strategies, redevelopment scenarios, a recommended development plan, and steps for implementation for utilization by both local officials and residents. In developing the Reuse Plan, the Town of Riverhead placed emphasis on ecological, economic, and community considerations. Input from civic groups and residents into the Comprehensive Reuse Plan was a strong priority of the Town.

The Comprehensive Reuse Plan calls for a multi-use enterprise park that has at its core the existing industrial complex. The major components of the proposed Calverton Enterprise Park are: an industrial park, a theme-attraction area, sports park/commercial recreation areas, and retained open space. Among the 940 acres of proposed open space are 423 acres of land in the Pine Barrens core area and an extensive 120-acre buffer along Grumman Boulevard.

The industrial core takes maximum advantage of the existing one million square feet of buildings that are well suited to adaptive reuse. There is additional development potential of two million square feet within the core area. The proposed entertainment park builds upon the strength of eastern Long Island as a tourist destination. One of several high-quality attractions, possibly a theme park, would serve as a major regional asset. In addition, a hotel/conference center, golf facilities, and parking for a few thousand vehicles could be accommodated. The sports park is hoped to incorporate a regional family recreation center that could feature major commercial recreational activities. It could also include a community fairgrounds or special events area.

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