In September of 1998, the Town of Riverhead took ownership of the former Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant, now known as the Enterprise Park at Calverton (EPCAL). The 2900 acre site had been leased by the Grumman Corporation from the US Navy for more than 40 years for the testing of military aircraft. The redevelopment of this unique property constitutes one of the largest real estate projects in the Northeast.

The facility is approximately 1.5 miles by 3.5 miles in size and is located entirely within the Town of Riverhead. The property is surrounded by a 3,000-acre buffer zone that must remain in its natural state under federal and state laws. Goals of paramount importance for the redevelopment include job creation, generation of tax revenues, and productive, balanced utilization of an exceptional location in New York State for economic development. The location's designation as an Empire Zone provides extensive New York State incentives for locating businesses at this prime location.



*    A business must project a minimum of 2 new employees and/or a capital investment of at least $500,000
*    A business relocating from within the Town of Riverhead into the towns zone designated area must substantiate extraordinary circumstances that warrant the relocation, a significant capital investment of $1,000,000. or more and /or an increase in employment of 15 or more employees.
*    There is no minimum threshold for new business locating within the Incubator Facility.

Zoning Codes In Calverton

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