Riverhead IDA Economic Job Development Corporation

Name of Public Authority:Riverhead IDA Economic Job Development Corporation

Public Authority's Mission Statement:

The mission of the Riverhead IDA Economic Job Development Corporation is to sustain and promote industry and commerce in the Town of Riverhead, improve economic opportunities for businesses and residents, maintain and create jobs, improve the quality of life, and promote a healthier community, complimenting the objective of the Riverhead Industrial Development Agency The Corporation seeks to ensure long-term viability in Riverhead by creating opportunities for economic and community development.It is intended to be a vehicle to research, initiate, incubate, develop, fund, manage and stimulate projects, programs, not for profits and business, thereby empowering the community with independence and control over its own destiny/future.

There is no one shot answer to making a community viable for growth and sustainability, therefore utilizing a "Holistic Approach" is the best means for completing this mission and paves the way for integration and a sense of balance within the natural, cultural, business and social environments that make up a community's identity. A number of important areas include, but are not limited to: Community Development, Economic Development, Education, Preservation/Resource Conservation, and New Technology Development/Implementation.

Date Re Adopted: 3-24-14